Next Drawing Frenzy Event – Labor Day Weekend! Sunday, September 2, 2018

Take a load off, especially as it’s a three-day weekend designed just for that, thanks to laborers from days past! It’s a perfect time to come in (even if you’ve been gone from the group for a while) and enjoy coffee, the company of old friends, and a creative outlet in the form of drawing or writing!
Again, we’re located where we were almost 10 years ago, in Briarcliff; the old LatteLand we used to meet at has been remodeled and is now a Headrush Roasters shop, with great coffee and tea for the drinking and authentic kosher Meshuggah Bagels for the eating. Hope to see you there!

Next Drawing Frenzy Event – Sunday, August 12, 2018

Long week? Time to grab a chair, a cup of Joe, and get to that dream art/comic project you’ve been thinking about for way too long (or, if you’ve been on it for a while, bring hour work with you for a change of scenery). Whether you work with pencil/Ink on paper, or stylus with a tablet/computer, all are welcome. Hope to see you Sunday!

Next Drawing Frenzy Event – Sunday, August 5, 2018

Catch a break from the heat this Sunday and come on in for caffeine, camaraderie, and catching up on your art! For those that haven’t been to the new location, it’s actually one of our original locations (the old Latteland in Briarcliff Village is now a Headush Roasters joint, with their own coffee specialties, Meshuggah bagels, loads of baked goods, and specialty cold drinks); they remodeled extensively, and there’s now also lots of outside seating as well. Hope to see you on Sunday!

Next Drawing Frenzy Event – Sunday, May 27, 2018

Join us the day before Memorial Day for some fun art making, and drop a few bucks to our gracious hosts, Headrush Roasters, for some high-octane coffee, and (if you like) a Meshuggah bagel. If it’s nice outside, there are outdoor outlets for laptops and other digital art devices, so you should be set. Hope to see you there!